Bad days and good days

Yesterday was a sort of bad day for Bub. Not terrible, I don't know how to explain it really. Let me start from when we went to a back to school fair. It might help to know Bub is on the autism spectrum, high functioning. So, we found the Boy Scouts table and one of the scouts asked Bub and his buddy if he wanted to see a magic trick. The trick was one of the boys picked a card from a deck and the boy would try to guess which it was. Well, Bub accidentally said it out loud where the boy could hear it. He raised his voice and said "Don't spoil it!" Bub doesn't understand that how to take things like that, and usually he will just walk away and get upset. He is very sensitive about people getting "mad" at him. I talked him through it, but the rest of the evening he seemed grouchy.

Today was a good day! He met his teachers and seems excited about starting school again! YAY! He hated school last year and I have been seriously considering homeschooling just because of his social issues. I don't want him to hate learning just because of the social deficiencies making him upset. we are working hard on it and progress has absolutely been made, but i worry. Not as much though after our good day today.

So how is everyone else? Are you having good days or bad days lately?

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