Creating your birth plan

The birth of your baby should be one of the most memorable, life-changing and joyful experiences of your life.Some topics that are important to discuss with your family and birth team are below:
-going to hospital
-eating/drinking during labor
-walking, sitting, staying in bed during labor
-delivery room
-room environment with lighting, music, items from home
-use of a camera during labor
-administration of an enema/shaving of the pubic area
-use of pain medication, labor-stimulating drugs
-fetal monitoring
-delivery positions
-forceps/vacuum cap use
-who cuts the umbilical cord
-presence of significant others during labor and delivery
-holding the baby immediately after birth
-breastfeeding immediately after birth
-your presence at weighing of baby, first bath, administration of eye drops and vaccines.
-feeding schedule
-hospital visitation
-length of hospital stay

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