Let's Talk Birth Control!

I would like to know everyone's own personal opinion on birth control as I will speak mine.

First of all I am a depo provera user. Even though this being said that I do use birth control and have been on the shot for 2 1/2 years now I don't really agree with it. I did at first because I didn't really want anymore babies anytime soon but the longer I have been on it the more my thoughts have changed. I thought I would like the shot making my period just disappear but honestly I don't. Having a menstrual cycle is part of mother nature and a necessary thing in my opinion and in best interest for your health because when taking birth control that makes it stop in reality it's just clogging you up with old dry blood that when it does come out it will be black and I just don't see how in any way that is healthy. Also without a period you can't ovulate and if you do wish to become pregnant again you have- 1) Stop taking your birth control 2) Wait for the medication to completely exit your body and 3) Wait for your hormones and menstrual cycle to completely straighten itself out. So for someone wishing to become pregnant again it could take months maybe even years to conceive again after birth control and no woman who wants another baby wants to have to wait that long because obviously becoming pregnant is something they're longing to do and it can make you depressed if you can't do just that. Also another point I have is that God intends for everything in life that gets thrown at you to happen for some sort of reason, but their is always a reason and to me taking birth control is going againt God's will because God made us to be able to reproduce and if he wants another blessing of a child to be brought apon his world then who are we to stop it through some medication that also cause hazards to your health? Needless to say I will not be getting my depo shot or any other kind of birth control method again and I couldn't be more thrilled for my body to be back to the way it's meant to be! I want to have a menstrual cycle (not something I thought I would ever say) and I want to be able to keep track of my cycles and ovulation! Heck, I don't even know when my period is to be expected or even when my last one was and I don't have the slightest clue about my ovulation! I never thought that any of those things was really important to know until now that I am older and wiser and see the importance of all the normal and healthy things my body should do but doesn't because I chose to take a shot every 3 months to stop it! I may be the only woman who feels this way but I doubt it honestly.

Now your turn! Tell me all your thoughts, opinions, and point of views about birth control! You can write about what kind you use (if any) and any good or bad experiences you have had using it.

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    I am glad you found what feels best for you! I have needed hormonal birth control because of medical reasons since shortly after menstruation began. I mean, my husband had a vasectomy and I am still on it. Mirena works best for me. I have tried pills, mini pills, and the nexplanon, and found them not to work as effectively for my body. Putting anything in your body poses risks, but hormones help balance my body and eliminate severe pain. I think it is a great option for women who do not wish to get pregnant. My body bounced back really fast and I got pregnant within 2 months of stopping with my first child and 1 month with the second child. It is different with everyones body make up.
      I took birth control pills for about 6 years before trying to get pregnant. We got pregnant right away but miscarried. We waited a bit and tried again. I got pregnant again right away and miscarried early on again. It was then that I learned I have an issue producing progesterone in the second half of my cycle. The condition was masked by my use of birth control pills or I would have noticed my shorter cycles.

      There isn't any proof that the pills cause the issue or that they made it worse, but the idea of screwing around with my hormones when they're already messed up makes me nervous. I want my body to find its natural rhythm and I want to be able to track it without interference. Hopefully that will make the chances of a future miscarriage go down. For that reason I'm off hormonal birth control. We use condoms instead.

      When I'm done havin children I do want to look into some kind of long term birth control, but i don't really like any of the options available today. Maybe in 5-6 years they'll have something new ;)
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          I don't use birth control.
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            I have never used Birth Control.
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