Prenatals for other purposes

We all know it's good to have prenatals for pregnancy and trying to conceive... folic acid is so important!

But, it has some other pleasant side effects too, like healthier skin, hair, and nails.

I also feel a lot better when I take them. I use Rainbow (One? Lite?) food-based prenatals because they have stomach friendly iron. Iron normally makes me terribly ill within 10 or 15 minutes of taking it, but not with these! Love them.

Do you use your prenatals even when you're not pregnant?

    I never even took any while I was pregnant... I find that I get more than what I need through diet so I didnt feel the need to waste money.

    We grow most of our own veggies and in MY experience it is easier to eat right than to take vitamins anyway.

    Also you can get almost double your folic acid intake every day by eating "super greens" - I put spinach, broccolli (including the stalks cut up into small chunks), peas and string beans together and have at least 1 serve of that every day.
    Eating right is certainly an option too! In early pregnancy vegetables are absolutely OUT. I know I should eat them.. Normally I like them... But no way. I couldn't do veggies in the begining. So nauseating lol. Vitamins were my main source of nutrition. Luckily these are food based and have spirulina and such too.

    Glad you mentioned folic acid. So, so important.
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