Have you ever had a sleep study done?

My doctor suggested I have one done because I snore. I don't know if I am going to bother, honestly. She had me take this test though to see if I could possibly have sleep issues. I'll share the checklist here!

I have been told I snore loudly on most nights.
I have high blood pressure.
I wake up with head aches.
I wake up with dry mouth.
I am overweight.
I am losing my sex drive.
My alertness, concentration and memory are worsening.
I am sleepy during the day.
I have to fight to stay awake during amovie, in a meeting or while driving.
I am still tired after I have slept all night.
I sometimes wake gasping for air or choking.
During the night I wake up sweating and my heart pounding.
Those that know me say I am more moody.
I have been told I snort during sleep.
I have been told I stop breathing during sleep.
I have fallen asleep while driving or at a stop light.

Now I did check off a few boxes, but not even half of them. I think I am going to skip the study, personally.

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