How did you feel the first night at home?

Mamas.. do you remember how you felt the first night at home with your baby?

I remember feeling a sense of relief and thankful for everything that took place.. that I got to bring a little miracle home and he was ours! Granted I was anxious, nervous, timid, scared and wicked tired.. but so so thankful. I felt everything felt natural and just the way it should be! What about you?

    Melissa Middleton
    I was very much excited and also felt a sense of relief that he was finally here, home, and in my arms. I was also nervous, anxious, and scared out of my mind. I have been around babies since I was a toddler and even helped raised many of my nieces and nephews, but I soon realized that having my own is WAY different than helping raise others' children. And now, looking back, I know I can do it again.
    I see my son over in his exersaucer, MY SON, playing. He is alive, thriving, and growing. And it is all going by way too fast. Baby days, they sure do not last long.
      I asked to go home early because I just wanted to be home with my baby and not get woke up every hour. It was great to be home and be able to take care of my little guy and feel like a real family :-)
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