Freaky stuff going on in my house :(

well a couple years ago my son Alex had a friend from India and he gave Alex sculpture of a god or something, but ever since that thing was in our house we had bad luck and just tonight my computer went crazy and a file came up on the internet of the fake god I am created out what should I do :(

Freaky stuff going on in my house :(
    Alyssa Martinez
    DELETE!!! I visited a store in Ashville TN that had all of this stuff in it. My husband and I walked in and our breath was taken away literally!!! I could not breath. I had to hold on to the wall to get out! My husband is not a very religious person and he said get me the heck outta here! Some how get that thing off of your computer and out of your house!
      Go with your gut. Get rid of anything that makes you feel queezy, creeped out, etc....
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