Are any of your children in Tae Kwon do?

We are considering putting one of our sons in Tae Kwon do. Are any of your children in Tae Kwon do? If so, why did you put them in it and do you notice anything different about your child since enrolling him? How did you choose a studio?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    I enrolled Meghan when she was five she was in it for one year and when at the end of the year they did the Graduation ceremony where they give you different belts, well there was yellow and blue belts which mean bad and then green and black belts that mean ok and then there is one goldish colored belt that means the best and there is only one and Meghan my daughter got it so she Graduated at the top of the class that year not to brag but that was exciting that out of 20 kids Meghan got the "golden" belt don't worry it was not real gold, but she was only in Tae Kwan Do one year but I am still proud :)
      I hope my kids get into some sort of martial arts, but man are some of the classes are expensive.
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