Good Morning Sunshines! I challenge you.....I Dare You......

Happy Saturday to you! Here's is a question for you.......Some food for thought.......

When was the LAST time you did something for the FIRST time?

I dare you to go out this beautiful holiday weekend among us and do something for the FIRST time. No matter how big or small you think it may be, whether it be conquering a fear, doing something nice for someone else, forgiving someone, eating something you wouldn't normally, or going somewhere and being adventurous, painting, dancing, bobbing for apples, running a mile, riding a bike, roller skating, bowling, swimming, sky diving, flying a kite, having a picnic, camping, camping out in the backyard, water hose fight, cooking, fishing, playing a sport.......Absolutely ANYTHING!!!! There are so many things to do or places to go that will be discounted and/or free this weekend, not to mention things you can do right from home with some creativity or imagination.

All of the above actually sound great to me :)

So ladies.......... I DARE YOU to do something for the first time. And share it with your family. Then I dare you to HELP THEM experience something for the first time :)
(Of course please be safe) And always Smile, it's contagious!

Hugs and High Fives

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      Oh gosh! Okay, I'll try to think of something good! I hope you take your challenge too! This is GREAT
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