Swaddle.. yes, no, maybe?

Mamas.. did you/do you swaddle your baby's when they sleep or nap?

You know, I had EVERY intention of making it work.. I got the cutest swaddles, heck it was Winter so I was like, yesssss, this will keep him cozy as a bug! And then you know what happened? Monroe happened, and he didn't like to be swaddled.. haha! That is one thing I never thought of.. sadly, new Mama here.. and boom, out the window goes the swaddling! We are lucky that he loves to sleep spread eagle and free.. so I guess we never have to break him of the swaddle!

What about you?

Moms Expertise
    Stopped swaddling after 1 month old.
      Tristen HATED it but it is the only way he would sleep. I learned that it had to be really tight or he would bust out and then start screaming again. I always knew when I had gotten it just right because he would get this little smile on his face and just drift off to sleep smiling.
        My kids have never liked to be swaddled. They would frustrate the nurses because they would always kick out of it, so I never asked to be taught.
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