Pregnant Checks..

Mamas.. did any check up or appointment while expecting with your baby make you uneasy? Say for instance.. the blood draw? ultra sounds? glucose test?

I hated every bit of my glucose test, well, minus my husband going with me.. he's so sweet.. but the test and what happened after was AWFUL.. I almost passed out/blacked out.. so it wasn't pretty. Needless to say that next go round, if we are so blessed, they know to prep for me a little bit :) The blood draw didn't bother, nor did any other appointment really.. minus just being anxious each time :)

    I don't mind having my blood drawn, at least not the actual blood or needles part... But when they took more than ten vials to look into some, I was extremely dizzy and nauseous. I was hesitant for blood draws after that during pregnancy.
      My doctor was horrible so I hated going to see her. But other than that the glucose test was the worst thing ever! I almost passed out too and the place I had to go too was SO busy that day. They had to make a guy give up his seat because you have to sit down. Then I had to go to work and take a written test and I was having a reaction to the drink they gave me.
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          I hate anything besides them hearing the heartbeat. When they do any blood draw I have to know ahead of time so I can take snacks or I will pass out. It's red flagged in my records... My first OB found that out the hard way. When they do the glucose test I literally walk in with a bag of high protein food to eat as soon as they get that first vial out.
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