What should I pack for Hospital?

Hey ladies,

What should i pack for the Baby?

What should pack for myself?

Thanks for the advice in advance i just want to see if i am possibly missing anything out of both bags.

    Two I keep hearing mentioned over and over are 1. Comfy granny panty undies for you so you don't have to wear the hospital stuff and 2 Chapstick.
      for u pack a comfy pajamas , bras, underwear, head band, crunchy, lip balm, socks at least 3 pairs, shower necessities, towel, bobby pins, makeup, camera, charger, slippers, cotton swabs, snacks, bottle of water, gum, oh and buy pads for ur boobs I know its weird but they sell them at Walgreen or walmart, and buy the nipple shiel or breast pump if u like, and for ur baby 3 outfits, hats, mittens and socks and a comfy blanket and if u like buy the breastfeeding pillow....some one posted coupons for it see posts........don't worry about diapers or feminine napkins they will provide u with them at the hospital....and don't forget the camcorder
        see pics
          maternity bras for.breastfeeding, razor,
            Wow im missing alot lolol......thanks guys
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