Lets share ideas for Moms Moments pictures!

Hi, Moms! We are working on more illustrations for Moms Moments cards, and I need you udeas about pictures.
What topics do you want to see on the pictures? What moments should be illustrated? What styles should we add?

Ok, may be you dont like something in Moms Moments?

Any ideas?

Yes, Jessica! Background, categories and ideas for new characters like Pregnant Lisa or Beatrice?
By the way, I adore your Moments, Jessica! (finally found occasion to say it)
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      I agree... But I think you also know me a little better now and can understand when I say, "Edgier"?... I love ALL the pics and moments... But for me and most of my friends... it can be a little gooey all the time...
      Like Mandi said, Frazzled and hurried and tired and Had it... all the real stuff without people being angry or crazy... A little more real...
      I love my moments with my babies.. and I was totally the cute blue booty saver... but I'm also the mom hiding in the bathroom for some peace...
      Love the color scheme here though... that's my most favorite.. I always log in and feel calm, like a candle lit room and cozy...
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