Moral question: disabled children

Interesting debate in the UK... Do you think it's morally wrong to conceive a disabled child on purpose? Has the child then been "harmed?"…

    This is such a tough topic. Whew, where to start?

    A disabled child's life is no more or less worthy than a non disabled child's. I think we all agree on that. That said, there is levels of severity to disability. Being deaf is technically a disability. I would never tell deaf parents not to TTC knowing that it's very likely they would have a deaf child.

    I think because I have two children with different disabilities the thought of anyone purposely having a disabled child is a bit mind blowing to me. What's done is done if you have no control over it. But if you do why would you CHOOSE to have a child go through difficulties? I would love for my children not to have the issues they have if there was a choice. I don't know, it all just seems odd to me.
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