Do you like unexcpected visitors?

I'm just not a fan of unexpected visitors. Mostly because you are kinda gambling when you ring my doorbell as to if I even am fully dressed, lol. Just kidding, usually it's just the bra missing.

But my thing is I may be about to leave, or in the middle of something that is time sensitive or I may be working (I WAH). Maybe I am getting dinner on the table, helping with homework... I mean it really, truly may be a bad time for me. I hate to be ride but I am not going to ignore everything else to entertain someone who just shows up.

Am I the only person who hates unexpected company?

    No way. No. Uh-uh.

    Unless I just LOVE you or you NEED me for something... I will probably legitimately tell you to just go away.

    It's disrespectful. If you need me for like five minutes (like, say if you're a neighbor) then I'm fine with that. But if you DROVE over to see me, without even sending me a text or waiting for me to respond, no. Get out.

    The exception to this is during times when I have friends who constantly come over... and they can show up unexpectedly because they've become part of my routine. My hubby and I had a couple friends like this a few years ago.We said we were going to start charging them rent, lol.
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