Have you ever bought a house?

If you bought a house did you have money to put down to buy it? How did you come up with that amount? Did you take out a loan, save or something else?

I'm looking into it and I need several thousand dollars to put down, it seems. I'm sure I can do it, the how is what I haven't figured out yet, lol.

    We bought our house a year back. But like 99.5% of home owners in America ours is also owned by a bank :)

    We had some savings so gave the initial downpayment and rt now we make sure we pay our monthly installments.
    Some tips for downpayment 10-20% for conventional loan:
    1. saving
    2. stocks
    3. IRA
    4. 401K account
    5. Inheritance (if you have any .... we didn't)

    You can take FHA loan with only 3.5% down payment but you have to pay PMI.
    Also do get in touch with a good realtor, they always have ideas.

    All the best with your house hunt.
      We *still* haven't. We've been looking, but nothing we really want so far. We do have a little nest egg saved up, but I'm hoping we'll get a VA loan since hubs was in the military. No downpayment with that, so hopefully we can use it for rennovations or something. When we were saving, we were just *super* frugal with what we bought. Oh... and one thing that helped a ton was freezer cooking.

      I have the terrible habit of going to the store like three+ times a week and if I do... I'm always like That's yummy! And that! That's on sale! Let's get that too! And spend waaaay more than needed.

      If I plan a menu for like two weeks and get everything I need... no more trips, no more extra expense. Saves me so much money.
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