DID: Dissociative Identity Disorder (Frankie and Alice)

You've probably heard of this before, usually called multiple personalities. Many int he field of psychology doubt it's existence or at the very least doubt the legitimacy of most claims of having this. It is supposedly very rare and is said to be the response to something very bad happening to a person.

Not to be confused with schizophrenia, where people hear voices, of course. With DID the person is usually not aware of the shift in personalities. They do not remember what they did, what they said or where they went. It is quite literally as though they become a different person.

I watched a movie about this based on a true story. Here's the link to what NAMI wrote up about the movie and an interview with Halle Berry who played Frankie. http://www.nami.org/Content/NavigationMenu/Take_A…

Do you think DID is real?

    I know it's real. I had a friend that was my best friend since 1st grade and in about 7th grade she showed up on my doorstep holding a dead squirrel thinking I was eshama and she was emisha and we were twins. I called her mom and after a stay at the hospital she was diagnosed with early onset DID. I hated the way everyone in school treated her and she stayed my best frien until she dropped out because of the bullying and became a hermit. I miss that girl.
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