Firing The Nanny/Babysitter

We're about to switch nannies. We haven't told the old one yet, but the new one has already watched Violet for a week now (because the old one went on vacation for an entire week and only gave us 2 days notice; we don't know ANYBODY in this town, so we were left scrambling). Then, to top off that little stunt, she offered to watch Violet on Labor Day, and texted me asking if we needed her to do it. Then, when I accepted, she suddenly replies that she can't because she won't be back in town by that time. So, yeah. Initially, I was going to try to be nice, butter her up and try not to burn that bridge in case maybe we ever needed a back-up babysitter, but NOW I'm pretty tempted to just fire her a** in the most brutal fashion possible. There were these recent events on top of other smaller things, like we don't approve of her aggressive dog, or the fact that we drop off a clean toddler and always receive a filthy one (food, dirt, needs a diaper). Aside from these things, she is an excellent caregiver. It's just that things add up.

Have you ever had to fire a nanny or babysitter before? Why? How did you go about doing it? How do you think I should go about this? All replies are appreciated :)

    I don't think there is any reason to be brutal about it, to be honest. We're all different people with different priorities. I think if it's just not working for you and your family you should calmly cut the ties and move on. No need to cause undue suffering for anyone.
      8Theresa Gould
      I've never had to fire a nanny or sitter either, but do what you gotta do for your family and daughter.
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