How Do you Get Your Kids To LOVE Reading?

I don't remember a time where I didn't like to read. I don't remember being forced to read a book or timed in my reading.. I just... read. Not a book worm.. nothing like that, I mean I was reading Sweet Valley High Books LOL... Not Cather in The Rye (highschool of course)... But my son, who is 9. even though he's "tested" at an 8th grade level (he's in 4th)​, he still doesn't love to read... I guess that's normal? We read for 30 minutes every night.. He reads his books and I read with my daughter and sometimes I''l read a chapter to him still.. But when I eliminated TV, wii, etc and he's done with Legos' etc on the weekends and Holidays.. He tells me he's bored.. and I HATE That.. I tell him to go read or write or color and he acts as if I'm punishing him...

I guess it's just time and age, yes?

    8Theresa Gould
    I think it depends on the child. I definitely think getting books on topics of interest to him will be more appealing than books he could care less about.

    Our older girls were reading at 3 and 4 and haven't stopped reading. The last time we went to the library one of them got out 19 books and she will probably have them all read before the 3 weeks is up.

    Our third daughter didn't read as early but it took years before she loved to read. Now at 13, and it's only been a couple years, she is almost as an avid reader as her older sisters.

    Our next two are boys 11 and just turned 10, it's just been in the last year or so that we will find them still up reading after they've been sent to bed. But the 11 year old is also the one to say he's bored more than any other child. We cure that by offering him work to do...our reasoning is if he cannot come up with something to do on his own we'll give him physical work to do. Usually cures him of his boredom really quick as there's lots to do around here.

    Our younger children are just beginning to read, but they still love to look at books and be read to.
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