how to get pregnant fast?

I have my periods unregular and to have to drinks my pills to have my periods how will I know whats days my ovulation date I stop taking my pills since may, we have tried unprotected sex wwithout condoms since January 2014..can anyone can give me more advice whats to do? Thanks allot

    Try Fertilitea on Amazon, especially if you're irregular. You can tell how well it works just by all the awesome reviews.
      8Theresa Gould
      Besides the suggestions the other ladies offered, sometimes it just takes time, which is difficult when you really want a baby.
      This too, absolutely. It's totally normal to take up to a year to get pregnant, even in healthy couples.
        Start taking a prenatal vitamin. It prepares your body for pregnancy (not to mention the fabulous hair and nails you'll have). Ovulation kits help... but when you're irregular to begin with it can be frustrating. I have zero experience with ovulation kits (I think they're confusing), but I'm sure other mommas have tried them with plenty of success!

        I've never tried the fertilitea from Amazon either, but the reviews are promising. :)

        Definitely relax. That old cliche about it "happening when you least expect it" ? It's true!
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        i having trouble becoming pregnant with my husband but confused please anyone help me thanks