Kids with Games/i-phones at dinner in a restaurant?

I just had breakfast with a friend and her two kids... My kids were in school, hers haven't gone back yet... She REFUSED to let them have any sort of phone or game system at the restaurant... WHICH I GET... on occasion.. but I hadn't seen her in a while and 95% of our breakfast was her managing them and me helping out.. No problem.. I get it... Kids should be able to sit an color and let the grown-ups talk..

I remember bringing a book or just sitting an listening... My parents talked for hours.. I would fall asleep in the booth and have memories of being carried into my bed from the car.. I'm fine, right? (no comment lol)...

SO, yes... In a way.. I agree.. kids SHOULD be able to sit quietly and be seen and not heard... but there has to be a time when you pull out all stops and buy them off right?

If I go with a friend.. and I want to TALK to that friend.. then I don't see the big deal of letting my kids play the iphone while we wait for the food or after we are finished (NOT WHILE EATING)...

If it's just the 3 of us.. then no... I make sure that we are able to do both... But her unwillingness to "be that mom"... made an hour of my day miserable... lol.. okay, not miserable.. just.. well.. cmon!!!!​

    8Theresa Gould
    Guess in this case, it depends on the mom. She obviously didn't want them to have an electronic device. She wouldn't let them color either? That one I don't get.

    We let our little ones use my iPhone or color. It just helps them pass the time faster while we are waiting.
      When we go out together was a family everybody puts there phones on silent. No is allowed to text answer there phones. For us this is our quality time to spend with each other. Before there where cell phones there was family quality time and i plan i keeping it like that. The only we take out our phones is when we are almost done with dinner or desert and we take our family selfie. My family knows what it means to spend quality time. you never know what you have till its gone that's why we spend as much time with each as much as possible.
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