Boys and Dolls

I read this article a few minutes ago, and I completely agree with her. Toys should not be "gender specific" and a boy should be allowed to play with dolls without being questioned or ridiculed for doing so. I played with cars and Legos as a young girl. Why? Because I enjoyed it. Today, I am very much girly but still enjoy the outdoors, fishing, hiking, painting my nails, make-up, high heels, and dresses. This goes to show that you can like both while totally being a woman. If my son chooses to play with dolls, I will allow him to do so and will not discourage him or allow others to.

What are your thoughts on this article? Do your sons play with dolls? Do your daughters play with trucks and cars?…

Melissa MiddletonPennington Gap, Virginia
    I don't think toys should be gender specific. Play with whatever... I think we should all do what comes naturally to us and I think without external influence, dolls are something that are gender neutral.
      8Theresa Gould
      I don't mind the gender specific toys. Our children have always played with whatever we have. The girls played with the boys' toys and even had cars of their own that my husband brought home from work. Some of our boys played with dolls and all of them play with paper dolls. No big deal. The boys are boys and the girls are girls.
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