Family Dinner at the Table EVERY NIGHT???

Oh man... I gotta admit.. I don't want to.. I had this picture in my head that it would be the MAIN thing we did... But I have to say that a lot of the nights, getting dinner on the table and sitting down and setting it up and tasking the kids and cleaning up and making conversation and asking about the day and reminding them of manners and no fart jokes is EXHAUSTING!!!

I keep it casual a lot... it's not like I'm lighting candles, but last night I was so hot and tired, we ate our dinner at the coffee table watching some tv show.. and it was AWESOME! ​

I think ti's crazy how we can judge ourselves... like I'm a bad parent if my kids eat dinner in front of the TV.. I have to remember that it's not because I'm an absentee parent or in the back bedroom boinking the neighbor... it's cause I need to sit down too and at least we are still together and not zoned out..

Right?? lol? RIGHT??

    ))) Right)) Jessica, I'm laughing now as crazy))

    Actually I like familly dinners and I often try to make dinner on the table for me and my hubby. Often.. But not every night!)
    And I think dinners are important but definetly not the main thing for the familes.
      8Theresa Gould
      The majority of the time we do eat meals together but not every night because some nights I am still working on the computer, even then though I am in the same room as everyone else because we have a sitting area off our dining room. It's also different now that my husband is home every day, it actually makes eating meals together easier for some reason. Go figure.

      But like others, our table is our gathering place too. The children color, the girls use the laptop there, and whatever other activities are going on any given day.
        we use to have that when we lived in South Caroline. As my daughter got older when kind of moved away from the table and sat in the living room with our son and watch Tv together. No Cell phones are allowed at the dinner table just family time even when we sit with our son in the living room for dinner . As kids get older family time seems to be meaningless to them until its just you and your husband.
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