Work and family and rationing time

This is aimed at anyone who has a job-job, but specifically toward you ladies who work from home... Even more if you've done both.

Have you ladies notice that work doesn't seem to register as "work" to your friends and family? Even if they logically understand you are committed to something and you are making money from it, they somehow think "Oh, you're here! Tend to my every desire, because that's obviously more important."

That's about how I feel lately.

If you've overcome it, please let me know your secrets!! I'm going to start putting a sign on my back that says "busy" I swear.

    When I left my job, I had to do online applications every day until I found this job. And that took a couple months lol. And it was hard for my daughter to understand that it was something I needed to do. If I really had to do it while she was with me (which was about 90% of the time lol) then I would say "after mickey mouse is over, I'll be done" or whatever show was on next. Then I would wait until the afternoon to do some more and use the same method.

    Sometimes we have to be firm with people. I'm a really passive agressive person so being "firm" isn't something I'm used to but I've had to learn to apply some aggression with my daughter and the rest of my family when important things pop up. I just try my best to explain to my daughter that every now and then mommy needs to do important stuff and that she needs to play by herself until I'm done.
    That's a great idea, Dale! I think I need to find a similar method that works for me. I'm the opposite and maybe too firm... I'm just like "No." and I think I hurt people's feelings. :\ Maybe I can find a way to "slot" the time like you do.
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