Do you have a "guilty pleasure?"

Do you ladies have a guilty pleasure you indulge in?

I know mine sure help during the two-week-wait.

Mine are wine (Okay, okay, I don't feel *that* guilty for that one lol) and buying books despite my ridiculous to-be-read stack. I'm kind of the same way with yarn too, hah.

Are you into Justin Bieber? Ahem, 50 Shades? Some other "guilty pleasure?" Fill me in! :)

    I have a few, but to name some would be my half done just started scrapbooks and I need a chocolate fix 3 times a week. I also have a favorite band though they're a little younger than me I still love the music by The Wanted!
    Scrapbooks are so easy to start but so hard to keep going with sometimes! Do you have a fave song by The Wanted?
    I have a few favorites i'll share with you!!
    Show me Love:
    Summer alive:
    I've heard about so many people watching that lately! I've not had a chance to check it out yet. I take it it's good?
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