Third birth - 2 hours labor from start to finish!

I went to my third birth and barely made it. I was there for maybe 15 minutes before she had the baby. Baby's head was just emerging. Beautiful baby girl. Shortest labor so far of the three I've assisted.

Since everyone was occupied, I had to let myself into the house. I felt like a night prowler because I had no idea where the master bedroom was. I went up stairs, didn't hear anything. I went downstairs and didn't hear anything. Then I started to worry I was in the WRONG house. My husband laughs at this, but I even went back outside to check the house number! So when I determined I was indeed in the right house, I ventured back in and waited. Thankfully the mom made a noise and I followed it or I am not sure I would have found the master bedroom. This will go down as the funniest arrival at a birth anyways, right?

Of course the birth happened on a day that I did not get back to bed after my paper route, so I was up for 24-30 hours, again. Hubby was a gem and drove me on my paper route after the birth because I was falling asleep on the drive home from the birth. Not good at all to start to doze and jerk awake to find yourself driving over the yellow lines. Eeks. Caught up on my sleep over the weekend though, thankfully.

Anything funny happen to you this weekend?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Lol... If you had been in the wrong house!

    "I thought you were on your way, Mrs. Gould."

    "Sorry, I was getting arrested for trespassing."

    Thank goodness you finally got some well-deserved rest!
    8Theresa Gould
    Lol! I know, wouldn't that have been something...entering the wrong house at midnight! Yikes! I've gotta double check BEFORE I enter from now on!
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