How much discharge is normal?

Hello everyone. :)

I was wondering how much vaginal discharge is normal? It is white and opaque. There is no blood in it or bad odor. The amount has increased lately. Is this normal?

    Yeah, that can definitely be normal. Hormones can make it increase. Mine's almost always white and opaque and can sometimes be so much I have to change panties. As long as it doesn't smell bad or you don't itch, all is probably well. :)
      8Theresa Gould
      I'd say it is completely normal. You can mention it to your doctor, just in case. They like to know those things.
        its normal and if u had to change panties all the time u can buy a thin pad u can change it whenever u need to I know its annoying but its part of being pregnant I had it for my first trimester and I asked my obgyn and he said its normal's ur body keeping ur vaginal area clean and its also due to all the hormonal changes ur going threw ....some days there will be.more or less just don't worry about it if it begins to smell fishy then u have a yeast eventually will stop on its own but Don't use a douche ur vaginal area it can affect ur baby...hope this helps u
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