Do you use iTunes?

My kids both have iPods and they like to upload music onto them. I have no clue how they do the whole iTunes thing, I just buy the cards and let them go for it!

Do you use iTunes, or something else to download your music with?

    I don't use itunes. Honestly, if I want music on my phone I usually use Pandora. Or, if it's a specific song I want to hear, I just pull it up on Youtube. I have some playlists on Youtube for songs I know I'm going to want to hear in the near future.

    I've never been a fan of itunes. It clogs up the CPU and makes everything slow and it's always wanting to be updated. Needy little program, lol.

    When I used Apple products I'd always use something like iTunes but not the actual program to sync my stuff.
      I have never bought music on iTunes before. I use iTunes gift cards for paying for apps and games :)
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