Im confused

For the last 5 days I have had cramps, sore boobs and nausea. (I cant even change my son's stinky nappies or I do throw up) We have lots of sex - normally every 2nd to 3rd day though because I havent had a period in so long I have no idea when (or even if) I am ovulating at all.

Im a little too scared to take a pregnancy test because I dont want to be upset if its negative again but this was how everything started last time I was pregnant.

Ive been driving myself CRAZY but all these signs are also indicative of an oncoming period right?

    I took a test at my doctors office this morning - negative - but he says it could be too early to tell.

    Im not sure when my period is due - I have not had one in over 2 years as I had the jadelle implant which stopped it altogether. I have had it ot for 3 months now and still nothing.

    My husband and I figured that until I had a period pregnancy was gonna be pretty impossible so we have just been enjoying the "practice". Now though Im just not sure because this is how I felt for weeks before finding out I was pregnant last time.
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