sorry been MIA :/ excuse my long rant. . .depression sucks

Haven't been on in awhile, been working as much as possible to make ends meet. Been really depressed and sick mostly due to this birth control.
I found out I can't go back to school until spring and would have to pay out of pocket, and then I went to this dr office couple months ago, she told me to wait a month to call and set up an appointment because he was busy, tell me why I called last week and she tells me the exact same thing??!! but this time gives me other dr names and numbers, SOOO I tried calling around and not ONE dr has called me back and I REALLLLY need to get this birth control out, I can't handle bleeding for weeks straight and the puking and migraines and my moodswings are horrible! more angry all the time and angry over the smallest things, my depression is ten times worse, I can't do it anymore, plus Josh and I want another baby and both our parents seem fine with us wanting one. I'm scared if I don't get this birth control out soon I will have long lasting effects from it:(

tell me about it:( It took me almost a year to get health insurance, and then they didn't mail me my informatio on who is my new dr they assigned me and what not, come to find out it was all online, AND they kept changing it, so finally a dr they stayed with I read his reviews and what not and he seems like a great dr to go see BUT I went and his front desk lady said call back in a month or so because he is booked for the next two months, sooo I waited to call, I called last weekish? and tell me why she said the exact same thing and gave me names and numbers of other drs! I tried calling and left voicemails, NOT one single dr has called back, I'm half tempted to take the thing out myself, I can't handle it much longer, I can only take it for so long before I say it's enough, no more waiting it out because it could only get worse.
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