I just clicked on "Worst Celebrity Beach Bodies"

Yes. I'm ashamed. LOL.. I got sucked in by a picture of reese Witherspoon with cellulite and thought, nooooo...

Then I CLICKED through... and the paparazzi that I hate/love for all these photos had a slew of unflattering shots of major HOT celebrities in tehir bathing suits.. Two things happened.. One, I was shocked.. and TWO, relieved.. .because I already KNEW that no matter what.. every one has their body "issue" and every one.. .caught in a bad light will have some bumpy, celllulite.. it's life.. it's our bodies.. Good light, we ALL can look good,... bad light, bad angle... we ALL can look bad.. except Giselle. she's a freak of nature.

My Point? I don't have one.. I DO... Ok.. so all my friends that have hang ups or body issues.. and compare themselves to anyone much less a celebrity? Don't.... Rock what you got... Own it...

    8Theresa Gould
    I agree we all have our body "issue" or "issues" and I don't think comparing ourselves to celebrities is going to help us in the right direction. But yeah, it is a relief when we discover they are human too.
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