Stay Or Walk Away ?

What would you do if your SO called you ugly names , yelled directly into your face - close enough to where spit is hitting you? Where nothing is fair and even, what your SO says goes. They go through your phone , facebook , instagram , emails you name it they snoop. And when there isn't anything to find they get mad and bring up past things that happened over a year ago. Throw everything back in your face. Do you walk away ? Or do you stay? - After you've asked your SO to try to make things work ; You've tried to talk about it ; You've tried everything ; do you throw it all away or do you stay ?

    I am with Laura! I would walk away. Abuse is abuse even if it isn't physical.
      Ultimately it is your decision. You have to be ready for whatever you decide. I don't remember the statistics, but it takes a few times on average of wanting to/trying to leave someone to actually stay away for good. Think it over, let the decision weigh on you for a few days, try to get your mind and heart to accept your decision, and then act on it. Always remember that you can make it on your own, so don't let the fear of being on your own be the only thing keeping you in this relationship. You can do this.
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