The rise in special needs?

The age old question seems to be, are there more special needs children or are we just getting better at diagnosing them ?

I lean towards the latter when it comes to opinions on the topic. I think we have just become better at recognizing issues that have always been there. Here's an article discussing the topic. What are your thoughts?…

    Not only are we getting better at diagnosing but there are so many more people in the world as well. That increases cases. And also people are becoming less afraid to talk about these topics so it's not as hidden as it used to be.
      Alyssa Martinez
      I do think we have become more aware of different diagnosis. My sister for instance, when she was born my mom knew something was not right. Her head where her veins met were always red. She used to do some weird things and always complained of her ears hurting. That was 1990. Now in 2014 she was DX with something called pseudo celebri tumor (spelling). It means she has fluid on the brain. She has lost vision and then revived it. Weird. The doctors are just finding out about this disease, but I really think there was more wrong with her that should of been DX. It really all depends on if the doctor wants to take the extra effort with the patient and crack down on whats wrong.
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