Getting Back in shape after baby

The other day I was following a discussion on losing the baby weight. There were a lot of encouraging suggestions like:
1.low carb diet
2. brisk 30 min walk daily
3. Joining fitness classes like zumba, salsa, swimming and yoga
The list goes on.

I didn't want to rain on their parade and mention this but that its not only about loosing the baby weight. I reached my pre pregnancy weight by 2nd month of giving birth, but I still don't fit into my old cloths and even while shopping for new ones its so difficult to find the right fit.

*Even though standing on the weighing machine makes me so happy, My tummy muscles are still too loose so wearing anything skin hugging is out of question.
*My breasts are so enormous that tops and blouses that fit well everywhere else show off so much cleavage that I feel like a vegas show girl.
*Hip has widened so much that cannot button the rt size pants that fit every where else.

So I guess as a new mom I have to wait it out :)

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      Hi Rakhee,

      That's exactly how I feel I was fit, slim before baby now after a c-section I want to lose weight but also cautious since I heard so many horible stories about the cut opening up because they didn't wait long enough after the c-section to ill. I am just going to start with low intensity workout this week, and walk weekly with Chloe and see if that will help me lose some weight. Thanks for sharing that info it motivates me more to lose weight!!
        8Theresa Gould
        I've never got back into shape after having children and I've stretched and gone through more births than most that I doubt I'll ever look like I did when I got married.
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