How long 'til you took the plunge?

How long do you normally think or talk about something before you make a decision... I mean like the major parts of life--marriage, having kids, etc.

Hubby and I talked about marriage for over a year before we actually went through with it. We talked about kids for several years before we started taking supplements to try, but we "didn't prevent" for a long time. That one just kind of evolved, instead of being an "Okay, let's have kids." conversation. We only had that one before I started taking supplements.

What about you? How much deliberation do you put behind big decisions?

    I have known my boyfriend since I was 13. So we've always been friends. We just decided to get married recently after just getting together a few months ago. Hopefully in Oct/November! So, it is a quick decision but considering we've always known one another.. it's all good! But, if I didn't know him as well. I'd definitely take my time and plan things out for awhile.

    We are also planning to start trying to have a baby next year.

    I like just going for it sometimes. Other times.. I like to take my time and plan! :)
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