What do you pack in your kids lunches?

For those of you that pack your kids lunch for school or daycare, what do you pack? What does a usual lunch look like for the kiddos?

If your kids eat school lunches, was that their choice? I have one who hates school lunch, which is why I pack his. My daughter prefers it though, oddly enough.

    When we go on road trips I pack lunches for at least the kids.
    Usually I do a lunchable-type food.. Crackers, meat (they make little pieces of meat that are round like Ritz crackers), cheese, dessert of some sort, juice box. I usually use a container as it's easier for my little guys, but you can grab a pack of paper bags for cheap at any grocery store if you prefer that way.
      I pack Jan's lunch everyday, He likes rice, beans, fruit/veggie and a juice box. Or spaghetti and meatballs or lasagna. Whatever I cook the day before is what he takes. He doesn't like school lunch its like fast food they give pizza, hamburgers, tacos and hot dogs.
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