Hubby just called he wants to do a family counseling session with just him an I. I'm really nervous about it he won't tell me why he wants to do it or anything. Someone recently tried to tell him I'm cheating on him which I'm not not would I. I have a feeling he's convinced and wants to talk about it.

5sarah New Bern, North Carolina
    8Theresa Gould
    As hard as it is, try not to be nervous, you have nothing to hide and this is your chance to talk things out and set the record straight. I am curious to know why he would believe hearsay before you. Hope it all goes well.
    I was totally wron he just wanted me to know that the 90 nights he'll be away at aa meetings are well worth it and I'm gonna feel like what's the difference if he's not going be home anyways but eventually he will be
    Yeah it'll just be frustrating for awile
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