Went to the doctor this morning and he checked me and he said "just a dimple." Guessing that means like, half a centimeter? Lol. I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow. Still going for the induction on Monday! He is going to use a foley catheter. I heard this is like a flat balloon that they put in your vagina, and they pump it up with air and once you are fully dilated it will fall out... is this true? Anything anyone want to add to that? Lol. He will do this Sunday evening and then on Monday morning he will break my water and begin the Petocin.

    A foley catheter is a great way to induce labor. The doctor will insert the catheter into your vagina in through your cervix. Then they will inflate the balloon at the end of the catheter. The balloon will put pressure on your cervix and on the amniotic sac. It will cause your body to naturally release hormones to start your labor. As your cervix dilates the inflated balloon will fall out. Usually the balloon will fall out around 4-5cm.

    It sounds like your doctor has a great plan to induce your labor, good luck!
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        8Theresa Gould
        I have never heard of a foley catheter. I'm going to have to look it up, even though you and Katie gave good explanations...I just have more questions. :) Glad things are slowly starting to progress on their own. Good luck on Monday!
          Just curious, but is there a reason you are being induced? It sounds very interesting and I hope it all goes smoothly, good luck!
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