Diaper Rash.. First Time!

Oy Mamas! We experienced our first random flare up of.. Diaper rash this weekend, hooray! Not! haha

As always, it was perfectly timed to happen before my husbands 30th surprise birthday party that I had finally gotten a sitter for... Ha!!

We got through it though.. We think a few things could have caused it..

- going number 2 more often because we upped his ounces
- the hot weather and the fact that this babe sweats, a lot!
- it could be time to up his diaper size!

Anyways.. We made due. The poor guy was in PAIN! Even his man parts were affected, I felt awful. We used a lot of butt paste, got bigger diapers, used cool water when changing him, let him air dry as much as we could too.. And here a few days later it's well and gone.. Hooray!

Did you Mamas have any awful instances of diaper rash? Did you know what caused it? Did you have a great remedy?

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      With cloth diapers I use coconut oil-because it comes out. But with disposables I will switch back and forth between beaudreuax's (I can never spell that), desitin, neosporin (depending on how bad it gets) and coconut oil.. It's usually caused by food around here, so stopped the food and waited for it to clear up.
        Oh and vinegar in baths helped heal it, too. Like a 1/4 cup..
        If it's cracked and bleeding he won't like it because it will hurt like heck. My sister made fleece underpants (you can buy them on cloth diaper sites or eBay)... It allows some air to get to the rash while protecting from a mess for one pee once they get moving. If he isn't moving too much just stick him on a towel and let him air out.
          My daughter was getting really bad diaper rash shortly after she was born. It was caused by several things:
          -diapers/wipes other than huggies
          -high acidity in her pee
          -diaper rash creams other than butt paste
          Because of her having high acidity in her pee, we have to put butt paste on her every diaper change, even when she doesn't have a rash. It creates a little barrier to keep her pee from sitting on her butt.
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