I been contemplating that when I deliver my second baby my son can't be with me during the night due to hospital rules the thing is he's so attached to me and im afraid he will be suffering those days ill be in the hospital....what should i do I didn't even though about that before I came out pregnant.oh my....what to do

    8Theresa Gould
    I think by the time your baby is born your son will be a little older and will be able to handle a night or two away from you, as long as he sees you during the day. Most hospitals allow siblings to visit during visiting hours with your partner. Children adapt especially if they are left with loving caregivers. I know mine did.
    thank you hopefully everything will work out by then
      thank u ladies I feel much better
        Even though he is little, maybe talk to him about what to expect. Take along a picture of him and give him a picture of you to help ease the separation. He can then talk to the picture or hug it if he misses you. Not sure if he will be old enough to understand it completely, but it could help to at least have a picture of you. (unless it only upsets him, in that case maybe distraction is better)
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          yes I thought about that too good idea Debi I will be doing that just need to buy a tablet
            4Emily Goforth
            Your little one will do great I'm sure, I thought the same thing when I had my daughter because my son had never been away from me. But he did great, got to stay with his favorite aunt (who spoils him rotten) and was only away from mommy for a short time. I think it made things easier for my son because my sister in law stayed at my house with him instead of taking him out of his space. He was more comfortable in his own bed, with his toys, etc.. Just keep talking to your little one about how things will go, you'll be surprised how easily they adjust. (I think it will be harder on mommy, it was for me)
              What my sis-in-law did was that she excites her baby. You take time to talk with your son and excite him becoming a big brother. He will be eagerly waiting for your come back for his mom and for his sibling. :
                Its.not.easy for ne at times being pregnant and knowing just a couple of months to go til I have my little one in my arms
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