how did you or how are you going to tell hubby and family you are pregnant.

    well for me the first time I just told my husband..I was late and I was eager to take a test. He was afaid of bad news before going to work. I told the grandmas to be by making onsies with baby. #### on them.for mothers day. This time I think wrapping up test with a cool onsie for hubby and for his mom.. maybe wrapping up baby items for christmas and for my aunts and uncles and cousins maybe son wearing a big brother shirt or show pictures with a pic of 4 pair of shoes mixed in with pics of my son .. just everyday kind of pics..... or a box of pink and blue balloons... not telling my mom at all.
      8Theresa Gould
      With our first we took hubby's family out to dinner and announced it. I have left a pregnancy test on the bathroom counter for him to find first thing in the morning. I have wrapped it up in a cutesy little way to announce it to hubby as well. I have sent out little notes to family and friends. With the last few babies we really did not do much for family and friends.
        Last time I told him by having two champagne glasses, a bottle of spakling grape juice and candles on the table when he came in... He was like Uh-OH! What did I forget? I was like... Honey. I'm pregnant. And yeah, it hit him pretty hard... He wasn't expecting it because we'd been trying for so long, he kinda thought it would never happen
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