This doesn't surprise me

The article below goes into the new research showing antidepressants may indeed be harmful during pregnancy - and those who may have used them during pregnancy, this is not a bash against you - this is just recent news as of Monday.

What do you think of this recent research?…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    "Like babies born to drug addicts, newborns may display S.S.R.I. withdrawal symptoms. One study found that S.S.R.I.s disrupt fetal non-R.E.M. sleep, the deep sleep that is important for healthy growth."

    This was my biggest reason for not taking any anti depressants during pregnancy. SSRI withdrawls can be horrible, just really tough to go through. For me it was a good choice to stop because I knew I would be okay without them for the duration of my pregnancy.
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