Unsubscribe! Bye Bye!

Mamas.. have you ever unsubscribed from a friend on FB?

I ask because nowadays I feel like we stumble upon OVERSHARERS.. do you feel that way too sometimes? I get caught in between.. because 1, I like this person but 2, It's all over kill.. I don't care what size of clothing your kid is suddenly wearing.. I suppose we all have our moments.. but sigh.

Have you ever unsubscribed from a friend before?

    Melissa Middleton
    I don't mind those who over share because it is there FB wall and they are free to do as they please with it, in my opinion. I am not the Facebook police. Lol I have a few people that act like that in my friends list. I don't tell them what they can and cannot post and how many times they can and they do not tell me. It is not my place to, and I would not want it done to me.
    I've only removed others because they were harassing/bullying. One was a family member of my hubby's. She posted a private/personal pic of me after I gave birth to my son. I did not want it plastered for the world to see and even informed them of is before hand. They did not care how I felt. So, when I asked her to politely remove it, she cursed at me and said some awful things and false accusations. She claimed her antibiotics were making her angry, so it was not a good time to ask her to remove a pic of "me." She then inboxed me and continued to harass me. And then she got made when I removed the pic myself and removed and blocked her. She was crazy.
    For posts I do not like seeing, I just hide it. I don't like seeing the sexual posts or the posts with several amounts of fowl language so I ignore it unless it becomes overly abundant and then I just hide the post itself.

    I did remove one because she kept insisting an unborn child was not a child. And, I just had enough and removed her. Her husband was a good friend of mine and changed after he married her so he will no longer speak to my either, but he did the right thing in sticking by his wife.

    I've had to remove my own little sister before because she was causing problems (I've had to remove and block her several times). But, forgiving me, accepted her friend request again so I will see how it goes.

    Oh, and I've never known of antibiotics making people insane and Hulk out.
      I've done it lots of times but not for oversharing mostly for made up drama...I can't stand it. I don't mind if people need to vent sometimes or ask questions but making up drama is grounds for immediate deletion :-) lol
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