Is your period easy, in the middle or hard to deal with?

Over the last six months or so mine have just become horrid. I am not a baby at all when it comes to pain, I swear I am not. But wow, it's been so painful! My only saving grace is that it lasts about three days and then is done.

I was so out of it yesterday from the pain that I had to take a nap. Aspirin wasn't touching it. It was just awful.

Does anyone else have this issue? Or do you ladies all have easy periods?

    Alyssa Martinez
    I didnt get my period for almost 3 years one time because I was using the depo shot. I now get my period normal every month. I even use an app (period tracker) to know when its coming..and it is pretty on point. I usually dont have pains..just tons of acne (which i never got as a teen) back pain, neck pain and i am moody! Well i just got done my period on Sunday and today I was spotting a little. VERY VERY weird.
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