Two of my daughters have a feeding tube

Two of my daughter have a feeding tube, each for different medical reasons. My 7yr old got a feeding tube as a baby and she will always need it. My almost 2yr old has only had a feeding tube for a couple months and hopefully wont need it for very long.

Tomorrow I am going to my 7yr olds school and doing a presentation for her class. I am going to teach them about feeding tubes and why some people need them and what they are for. I am unsure what to include and what not to include. My 7yr old also has an ostomy bag that I will briefly discuss.

So, I need your help!! What would you or your kids want to know about a feeding tube? What information do you think I should include?

Please ask me your questions about feeding tubes so I can come up with a great presentation!

    They might wonder if she can still drink milkshakes or have things like jello or ice cream?
      Melissa Middleton
      I knew a little boy who needed one when I was younger. He told me once, "I'm having pizza" and pointed to his tube. They may be curious as to

      Why she needs one and will she ever be able to eat food without a tube?
      What happens when she gets thirsty?
      Does she have to take the feeding tube with her everywhere she goes?
        Thanks everyone for the ideas!!
          How did it go???
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