Hi !!! This is all about for women who are trying to conceive or who are pregnant and looking for beautiful baby names for their cute babies.... Gender doesn't matter..

While searching baby names, I have good experience of one very good Indian web site named

As now a days. whole world is now linked up technologies and through internet and distance between the nations, continents and world is now becoming like family. Therefore, I think its better to be helpful to others like me who are searching baby names based on Indian culture.

For such moms / ladies.. I can suggest one very good web site to find your baby names based on Indian culture i.e.

In this website, names are provided in Multi-languages like, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi, English, Oriya etc... etc...
so its very easy to pick up name as per one's language culture.

Names are provided alphabetically... (A, B, C.....Z) in both the categories for baby boy and baby girl...

Top most favoured names provided culture - religion wise. Like below.....
For Hindu Baby:…

Other Modern Names:
For Hindu:……

For Muslim:…

For Punjabies:

If you like any names from above source and want to check up its full details and meaning, the facility is also there in site:

If anyone wants to choose name as per her specification, can select some feild and can find names as per her choice very easily through:

Moreover, in Indian culture Rashi is also observed, if any one wants to find names based on Rashi for example say baby boy names based on "Kark" Rashi.. then....…

Many conceptual names are also available in the site like if anyone wants to keep her baby girl name based on River or Queen.. then you can select Baby Names by Concept....
Names based on Rivers:
Names based on Queen:,%20Quee…

Thus I think Whole & Solved concepts are there in the site, I have chosen baby girl name "Aria" from there for my friend ... She really appreciated the name and very happy with it.

So I have shared such information so that others may be benefited ... With lots of love....

Sweet Time a head..

    8Theresa Gould
    What a great list of resources for mamas-to-be! Thanks for sharing.
    Hi Ajay !! definitely helps you to find baby names based on all almost 27 Nakshatra & 12 Rashi. I will put the details of like this info. shortly for public. OK
    Hi Ajay !!

    as per your query, I have provided information of baby names based on Rashi / Nakshatra through another post " BABY NAMES BASED ON RASHI AND NAKSHATRA" refer it for solution of you query.... have nice time......
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