I will never buy my child a...

What is something that no matter how hard your kids beg you will never buy it for them?

For me, a pet snake or a really expensive cell phone. Never. LOL

    Anything expensive...he's very destructive.
      Melissa Middleton
      Haha...my hubby won't let me have a pet snake, either. But, with kids in the house I won't anyway.
      I will never buy my child a gun. Even though we keep guns in our home and locked up, I won't do it. And anything uber pricey. We have talked about helping them buy a car when they are old enough but they have to pay for most of it themselves.
        I don't think at this point there's anything I would never buy them. Everything will depend on age maturity level etc. our oldest Michael jr got a gun for Christmas but he's 17 and very mature for his age. Our 15 year old Alexis will never get another electronic from me because she's proven irresponsible, but we get her other things like make up and shoes. However she's ADHD and stuff and we wouldn't buy here a gun she's to immature. Breanika has a innotab...we just be careful how often she gets batteries she also had a power wheels but she needs a new one. Bentley is down right spoiled, he's the only one that's mine biologically and he's his daddy's first that's home full time since birth we obviously would buy our one year old a tablet or something ridiculous but he does have a power wheels.
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