Hey Moms!!!! It's been a tough couple of weeks....

....it's been a tough couple of weeks since Harper has gone on vacation by herself with her father. As you may or may not have read, he had to bring her back a day early bc my grandmother passed away and we had to go back to Chicago for the wake and funeral. To say the least it has all gone down hill from there. He has been the biggest jerk and of course making me feel like the bad person about everything since then. He turns every conversation into a fight to the point that I don't even talk to him unless I have to. Done with texting him, speaking to him, and FaceTime at this point. We tried to have a discussion regarding Harper's 1st birthday and that even turned into a fight to the point that we are now having 2 different parties for her and neither of the other parent is invited. So of course bc she is my one and only, I am throwing her big 1st birthday princess style without her dad. Am I the only one that feels bad for her because I really try but I can't take it anymore. I'm over it always being about me or my fault when it should be about no one other than Harper and now she is going to be the one to suffer. The song "mr know it all" by Kelly clarkson is her dad to a "T".

    I'm sorry your having a hard time.
      Thank you ladies for the support... But I have to say, I honestly don't know what he is always so angry about. I'm not going to lie and say I'm perfect. I did lay it down on the line the other day and told him I was sick of him turning everything around to make it look like I'm the one that is screwed up in the head, so I decided to point out every single flaw he had including the fact that he is uneducated and if he were educated he would've learned to listen and not just "hear" what the other person is saying and we could have an actual conversation and be able to communicate in an adult manner. I am over this nonsense so if he wants to be a girl about it and have separate parties that's fine. I will still be the one she comes to for hugs and kisses when she's sick or just because like today when she's had a fever and been sleeping in my arms all day. There's nothing like that love