Sleepless nights..

The last few weeks I barely sleep which is becoming a problem because I have a one year old and can't sleep during the day, I have to chase and play with her which I LOVE doing, I just hate how tired I get. I'm about 32 weeks pregnant and I just can't get comfortable!! Not to mention when I do get somewhat comfortable I have to get up and pee then back to square 1! Is there anything specific you all did to help you get some sleep at night!? ANYTHING will help at this point :)

    8Theresa Gould
    What about lavender essential oil? You can put it on your temples or your pillow. Have you tried chamomile or sleepy time tea? Warm milk?
      tey to drink less water after 9 pm it helps with the bathroom breaks I know its not easy having a 1 year old I have one too and im pregnant too its tough but hang in there ur almost done in a couple of weeks and if u have an opportunity to go to the market buy a relaxing tea ask the people who wprk there they usually sell them it helps relax
        try to listen to Richard clayderman classical music to relax
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