Do you believe racism is still alive?? Well in my town it is! I live in a little town called Dublin. It's considered a " good ole boy town". I am from NJ where all colors get along. Well not here...they still live in the slavery days! They call people the N word are say it like it's an every day vocabulary for them! We actually pulled our boys from the "county" school becaus we were told we don't fit in! (This was last school year) the county school was built in the 70s so the white politician children didn't have to go to school with the black children! Crazy!!!! Slavery was over then! Well because my children are half PR we didn'tfit in! So crazy. This is just a normalcy here. Well it's time the get in the 21st century because we are friends with all colors. I now send my boys to the so called "city" school 10 miles up the road lol. The teachers are wonderful and really take time out for the kids!!! Have you experienced this in your town?? Oh yea btw...they still paddle here in the school!!

Alyssa MartinezNew Port Richey, Florida
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    Alyssa Martinez
    yeah the "N" word is normal vocabulary here. its horrible.. My husband is PR/Italian and White and I am white..people look at us funny also
      Melissa Middleton
      Unfortunately, racism is alive. I despise racism though. I wish it didn't exist. Even one person being racist is too much racism. I stem from a mixed race family and we have many other ethnicities as well. I am half Native American, but I also have a niece who is half Mexican, a nephew who is Asian mixed, and several nieces and nephews who are African American mixed. I love my beautifully mixed family. When I lived in Cali, I didn't see it very often, but when I moved here, I was appalled by many people's mouths and their "terms" for those of other races. It disgusts me. We may live in a non-racist home, but we do not live in a non-racist community. I believe people sound really ignorant when calling someone by a racist term rather than "that person" or their name. I don't even like the racist names some give to those who are Caucasian. I wish it would end. The world would be a better place if we didn't define love and friendship by colors.
        8Theresa Gould
        I believe it exists, unfortunately.
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